Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Irineo Project plus the Mini Lantern Tote

For my dear friend I agreed to make some special knitted gifts for some special people in his life(I'm being elusive for obvious reasons). I picked patterns or made up patterns based on techniques I wanted to learn or challenge myself to perfect. I ended up with three awesome projects one is a spliced and manipulated pattern-the kitty hat, one made up by me after watching the basic technique of how to start-the true moebius cowl, and the other I made up while making it...also my first time attempting- flip top mittens. I'm proud of what I made, it got my creative craftster juices flowing and I have alot of cute ideas I'm making into patterns for the winter season.
On a side note I have crossed the point of no return as a knitter, well I think I jumped past that when I started knitting. I made a modified version of the bubble tote which I call my mini lantern tote and it fits a small project and ball of yarn nicely. It started out carrying my projects to and from work, then hooked on the back of my chair while I was working on the computer and waiting for stuff to load. Well I caught myself walking around the house with my mini tote on my arm knitting while doing other things. I think I have an addiction...and I'm loving it!!! Talk about finding the desires of your heart! Well here's the pictures of the projects!