Saturday, August 11, 2012

Crafting and Extreme Multitasking

I sat infront of my computer moments ago and almost had my mind split into a thousand different pieces.  I'll explain, keep in mind I am a crafter and a multi-tasker, so this all happened at once.  

I'm sitting here working on a sock for my husband, boring gray. So I figure lets make it interesting I'll put Cat Bordhi's Sweet Tomato Heel on it...that I haven't actually done before.  

I'm watching/listening to podcasts, playing Words with Friends on Facebook, and reading blogs. (Things I normally don't have time for, I somehow think I have that now.)
I'm thinking about new colorways for Sprout.  I'm leaking the name for one, Savannah.  I like my colorways to have stories behind the name.  I'll tell that story later.  

Then the thing that does me in...I want to listen to Pandora, now I'm thinking about a blog post, oh I want to make some button earrings, I need to make some project bags, where can I get fabric labels with my logo printed on them, I wonder if Perlina has leaf beads for me to make some stitch markers...alskjdfhlkasdhfli, if a mind could yell that mine did.  But since that isn't a word we'll translate it to STOP THINKING!! 

So now I sit in silence with my sock on the desk.  New singular idea, "There isn't enough productive time left in the day go to bed.  You will screw up something, it's after midnight you know the rule."  

I suppose I should sleep but I still have to finish my wedge on the heel of the sock...I'll post a picture when the heel is finished.

On a happy note, here is a picture of a modified Afternoon Tea Shawl from the Spring/Summer that is made from Sprout in color Ruby Slippers.