Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb. Week 4

So I somehow got absolutely none of the things on my list done this past week. I did however get two giant flower orders and and order to sew up some aprons..which will be fun because I haven't done that before. I didn't get any bags done but I don have about 10 cut and pinned to make, now I just have to make them, but thats after I finish that flower order and the aprons, what a busy week this will be.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb. Week 3

I finished my neckwarmer, its awesome! It doubles as a head wrap. Here's the's currently freezing in my house!
So no loop tags, I'm looking though. As for project bags, my totals are 5 small and 7 sock, I will reach this goal by the end of the week. I've listed three new items this past week but I need to take pictures so that I have something to list this week. I wrote out my cable pattern now I just need to make a prototype for guage because that was the one thing I forgot to do when I made those alpaca ones. Personal Achievement!!: Jordan and I made and canned our own strawberry jam!! Off to iron fabric for project bags, maybe I can get some in my etsy shop this week.

Monday, February 7, 2011

February Goals

So this month what to do. I think my 4 goals this month are 1. Get loop tags made with my logo so I can sew them into the project bags. 2. Make 10 small project bags and 10 sock project bags. So far I have 3 small and 3 sock bags made up. 3. List 3 new items on etsy a week. 4. Write out cabled fingerless glove pattern for sale. My personal goal this month is to get my neckwarmer done for myself and try to get the raglan and placket shaping for Jordan's henley finished.
I'm exhausted, this is what happens when you start being diligent with your time. Parting shots though. The inside and outside of one of the sock project bags, they are reversible! I will update at the end of the week with my progress and some of the product photos!