Thursday, November 7, 2013

Creating for Baby list...Nesting for a Knitter

Yes, I took a hiatus from blogging but I have been busy.  I've been busily dyeing yarn for orders and when I wasn't doing that I was making things for my impending little one.  I also have been working on items for my Etsy store and for a holiday market in December.  So I'll break it down for you.  This post is about nesting, well nesting in my knitting life.  I've completed the Deepwater cardigan (you can find it on Ravelry).  It's made out of a silk cotton blend that will cover me with my belly and all.  Keep in mind it isn't a maternity cardigan, I just made it one.

I figured that would be priority in my personal projects, I mean I need something to wear when it gets chilly and I don't want to look like a giant marshmallow in a ski jacket, that would fit but be too hot.  The great thing about this cardigan though is it is double breasted so I can use it after Reece is born to be discreet when the need arises to breastfeed while wearing said cardigan.  Spoiler alert I am going to use terms like breastfeed if the necessity arises.  If that bothers you cross your eyes for second when you come across the mention of it and skip to the next sentence.  If that doesn't work you will have to figure an effective way to cope.  On to the next project.

I was going to make Reece a blanket.  Everyone told me not to because I was going to get a bunch from everyone else, which I completely appreciate and will use every last one, but dang it I'm his Mom and he will have handmade things from me.  So I picked out a simple entrelac blanket I found on Ravelry from Nikki in Stitches and went to town.

Now I used a washable worsted wool, so it's a little bigger that what the pattern called for and I finished it with a welted edge but I think it turned out great.  Yes, these are the colors I picked out for Reece, well the Hubby and I picked them out together.  But it was a fun knit and weaving in the ends was kind of cathartic for me, and there were ALOT of ends.  **Tip:  When picking up stitches along an edge, especially one with alot of ends it is best not to weave the ends in before you pick up the stitches.  The stitches aren't distorted and easier to see.**

Okay last item on the Creating for Baby list: The Crocheted Owl Basket.  This is also found on Ravelry and is a real quick crochet project.  Somehow in looking through all the things that are baby Hubby and I decided if there is an animal theme added to the color scheme it would be woodland creatures, but mainly owls.  So what did I do? I made a giant owl basket for diaper storage, since we don't have a conventional changing table.

Yes, the owl is full of diapers and yes I have it sitting on the diaper pail box. Fitting don't you think?  I made it out of 4 strands held together of some Cascade Eco Wool that I had in my stash (that is 2 hanks by the way).  I crocheted it from start to finish in less than a day.  **Tip: Make sure your gauge is right or you will run out of yarn.  Read the directions carefully! Also crochet the eyes first before you do the body.  **

That is the end of my Creating for Baby list.  I don't plan on making anymore things for Reece pre-delivery.  Once he is here you bet your bottom I will have a ridiculous amount of baby pattern creations happening because I will have my own little munchkin model to help me with sizing. SSSHH don't tell the Hubby.

Oh on the Hubby, he did up this cute little number for $25 bucks. We had two dressers, they have been in the family for 60 years, both were red at one point but one had been sanded back to natural wood.  Hubby made a custom changing table top to fit perfectly onto the top of the shorter dresser.  He then sanded everything, painted it cream (we picked out this together, there are too many types of cream to choose from),  and then put these drawer pulls on it that we just happened to have a whole bunch of.  We tried going the cute epoxied button drawer pull route but that was a diy disaster.  We will use those for some other project for Reece just not the nursery furniture.  Here's a picture of the changing table dresser, the taller one still has to be outfitted with drawer pulls so it didn't make the shot.

If you stayed for the entire post, congratulations!  I will make sure I don't wait so long in between posts again, it will save you a minute amount of time staring at a computer screen.  Join me next week to see all the things I have been creating for fiber fiend enjoyment!

Monday, August 12, 2013

What to expect when you're expecting.....

So before I was pregnant I watched a movie that some of you might have heard of, What to Expect when you're Expecting. I thought to myself which of the two completely different characters would I be-the yoga, fitness exercise queen who wasn't expecting to get pregnant and has a perfect pregnancy and painless delivery, or the ultra prepared-for-motherhood woman who thinks pregnancy is this amazing trip but ends up going through all the junk things of pregnancy.  I'll elaborate on those. Disclaimer: I'm not complaining, this is just life and sometimes life isn't picture prefect.  You just have to laugh about it and move on.

Pregnancy prepares you for motherhood with a lack of sleep.  I read that you don't sleep comfortably in the last trimester,  well that's not what I'm experiencing.  I go to bed around 10, get up 3 to 4 times at night, then wake up at 7. All of this without alarms.   Oh a new development is getting up at 4:30 a.m. to eat my first breakfast.  This is definitely my husband's child.

Pregnancy prepares you for menopause.  You aren't prepared for the hot flashes or just being hot all the time.  I expected to be hot at the end, which didn't bother me because it would be the middle of winter.  But about a month ago I started getting really hot after a shower and thought the water must have been too warm. But now I can be doing anything and I'll feel like I'm sitting in a sauna. I don't get full sweats but I feel all 98 degrees of my body temperature.

So those two are definitely making me feel like pregnant woman number 2. But when I exercise I feel mentally like pregnant woman number 1. So if I exercise more it's supposed to take care of the sleeping problems,  so I'll let you know if that's true or not.
By the way it's a boy!

On to fiber related things I did start my cardigan. I'm almost down to joining for the body.

I also started an entrelac blanket in the nursery colors for my baby.  My hubby helped me pick out the colors, I have to say it was a sweet moment.

I've been making little booties, in boy and girl styles, for the Etsy shop.  Also with the addition of the knowledge that I'm having a boy you might see some pee pee teepees.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pregnancy Fuels Innovation

I have learned certain things in this past month from being pregnant that I think I wouldn't have come to  yet in my life if I weren't pregnant.  Some of these aren't too graphic but its not puppy kisses and rainbows.

1)  Your attention span/thought process can go up in smoke like that and you won't realize it until you are trying to do an activity that requires extended brain power - pregnancy brain.

Results: Write down more things because you now know that you will forget them in 5 minutes and good luck trying to recall them tomorrow.

2)  You are aware of your body and how much goes into its function.  Even though I'm not showing much yet my body is frequently reminding me that I'm pregnant.  I have trouble bending over, my belly muscles feel like I'm going to pull them every time I sneeze, if I get up too quickly I have a slight out of body experience for a second.

Results:  I have to squat to pick things up, I have to do stretches every morning to make sure my muscles don't get tight, I also curl into a ball before sneezing, and I now have to sit up for a minute then get up slowly.

3)  You have to think up clever ways of doing things.  Since I'm not only fueling my body in daily operation but also another humans for which we share the same amount of energy that I had before that was just mine.  Having my own business where I stand most of the time wasn't working with the fact that I can't stand for long periods of time without feeling like I just ran a marathon.

Result:  I have streamlined the yarn dying process even more than I thought I could so I accomplish the same amount of work in a shorter time.

If I could remember anymore things I would but I didn't write them down. So ha, you and I will never know them.

Oh I just remembered one, there is hope for me yet!

4) You realize how much food costs, and how much of the weekly food goes into your mouth.  Good God how much food can one person eat in a day!  I mean jokes at work go something like this-"Everytime I come back here you are eating." or "It looks like Lindsay started lunch early, it's only 11am."  I have learned it doesn't matter when I think I should eat, I have that 'I am going to starve if I don't eat NOW almost all the time.' feeling.  My metal lunchbox needs an extension on it.  Also foods I know I should eat but as soon as I do they decide to make a return appearance.  The rationally irrational thought happens: "I just wasted money because I wasted food."   Once that happens the remaining food in question grosses me out every time I think about eating it and it goes bad, and then I have that thought again, "You didn't eat the food, you just threw your money away."

Results:  On those two points I  a) now carry food in my purse AND my lunch box, it still barely gets me back home in time to eat a snack while cooking dinner.  Also  b) I don't buy trigger foods until I can walk past them in the store and not think of gagging.

Okay on a fiber note I got to play with a mohair/merino blend and I love the heathered effect I get.  It's because the mohair absorbed the dye more, making it slightly more intense in hue than the merino.  IT WAS SO COOL!  If I could find a blend with some cashmere in it that would be great!  I am still working on the technical writing for the shawl pattern so all is quiet on the new project front.  I do have a double breasted cardigan in the queue that I will start before too long if I expect to wear it this winter. Maybe that will be what I start this week.

Here is a picture of my work in progress (lil Sprout looks like they are sitting crosslegged and practicing knitting):

Thursday, June 13, 2013


So I have to say I've been a bit busy with order and a little preoccupied with something else.  I made this cute little thing to annouce something.
So I'm pregnant.  I haven't wanted to do much of anything lately except sleep and keep my food down. But hopefully I won't have the latter problem in 3 weeks.
On another baby note I made this for one of my friends, who is also pregnant.
As for my summer tops I was working on, I think I might finish them in motivation to wear them next year.  In the mean time the knitting mama to be will be making baby things when not figuring out patterns for Sprout.

By the way June 22nd would be a good day to go to the Knit 'n Knibble in Tampa and get a skein of Mermaid, it will be the only day you can.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sandhill Cranes and Shawlettes

The past couple weeks have been busy- birthdays, Mother's Day, stairs, and exploding stockpot bottles.    On my Mother's birthday we went to Texas Roadhouse and when we walked out the door to leave a Sandhill crane was staring back at me, just hanging out.

Tuesday I was helping a friend move some things and one of the elevators broke so I ended up walking 27 flights of stairs.  I'll be feeling that today.  Then I was dyeing yarn and in the midst of measuring out some yellow from the stock bottle there is a loud pop and next thing I know I have yellow dye all over my arms, the bottle had broken.

So onto better things.  I finished the Vintage Colors Shawlette.

I also had a chance to weave up some little squares of Sprout, the Embers and Caribbean blue are 9 epi, and the Purple Haze 18epi, which would be great for twill.

I've started a Ribby Shell from Chic Knits made out of Cotton Classic.  I'm also working on the shawl pattern for Sprout!  I can't wait to finish it, so you can see it!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

New techniques finished projects and peacocks

I've been a bad blogger I didn't write anything last week, but I did accomplish things.
Thanks to Jenna I can now tat.  I still have things to work on like getting my rings close to my double stitches  when I finish them.  The picture below is about as close as I can get my ring, if I don't tie my ring into a knot.  But I have to have a quick learning curve because I have a time sensitve project to finish for a dear friend.  

 I finished two projects, the Ilene Bag and the baby blanket.

Both were quick projects that were fun to do. I'm coming along on the Vintage Colors Shawlette.
Once you train your brain to look at the half charts its a pretty quick knit.

So since I finished two projects and I'm more than half way through, I started one.  A washcloth out of Hemp for Knitting.

As a parting shot, a peacock on my house.  They don't normally live in my area.  But I thought I heard one.  Jordan walked outside and saw someone taking pictures of our house, so he turns around and sees a peacock looking back at him.  He caught this photo as the peacock hopped from roof to roof down the street.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Colors and new projects

So I have new colors: Aqua, Hydrangea, Lilac, and Robin Egg.  I've accomplished one of my resolutions! I've created over 20 new colorways.

I'm working on the back of my mitered square cardigan, I'm a quarter of the way in.

I also started two new projects: a baby blanket and a market bag-the Ilene bag.

This is only part of the baby blanket, I'm almost done with it.

The Ilene bag I'm doing with a three color stripe out of cotton.  I just started it but the pattern is pretty easy to follow and it's working up quickly with the color change.  You can find it for free on Ravelry if you want to try it out.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

We have tshirts and new colorways!!

It'll be short sweet and to the point this week.  We have The Fiber Seed shirts!!!
They are $35 each.  Email me at if you are interested.   We have S, M, L, XL, 2X. The size pictured is a M. Proceeds go towards buying a new range, 4 burners are better than 1. That means more fabulous yarn!

As for yarn, you need to stop by the Knit 'n Knibble this Saturday I have 6 new colorways coming.  I'll spill some of the names.  Rip Tide, South Beach, and Melon. Riptide is pictured below.

Now see you should have both of the things in this picture-the shirt and yarn!

You should really go Saturday, it's Autism Awareness Month and every Saturday in April 10% of the sales made that day go towards sponsoring Caroline's family in Atlanta as they participate in "Walk Now for Autism Speaks"  event.  They named their group "Braeden's Buccaneers" after her grandson who is autistic.  He is a real sweetheart and showing your support would be awesome.  

Friday, March 29, 2013

Stage fright and wingspans

I have been working on a video for The Fiber Seed.  I'll tell you why later.  All I know is that it is very difficult for me to talk on camera and get the words I want to say out of my mouth.  If I'm trying to be goofy I have no problem in front of the camera, but if I'm trying to be serious it is a completely different story.  I stumble over my words and sometimes I get on a role and then the word I want to use decides to up and leave my vocabulary vault. But with the magic of iMovie, you can make it look like I have no problem at all! I love it!  But on to the projects...

I finished the front of my mitered square cardigan. I will post a picture next week when I have all the ends woven in, it looks like a horrible mess right now.

I have a surprise project that I finished, someone else started it, but I finished it.  It's a wingspan out of Noro Taiyo sock and man it is amazing! There are even beads in it!

BTW keep on the look out for new colors in the next few weeks!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Scorched popcorn and finished projects

Let me tell you a short story.  It involves my sister, my microwave and a bag of popcorn.  I had just gotten back from my trip and my sister and I were going to watch a movie.  She went to put the popcorn into the microwave and I went into the bedroom to change out of my pajamas and into my lounging pajamas.  In the mean time my sister has punched the pretimed popcorn button and walked away from the microwave to help my husband load pictures onto facebook in another room.  ::she isn't watching or listening to the popcorn::  The next thing I hear is her yelling "Lindsay, help, quick!!" Jordan and I race to her and find the whole front of our house filled with so much white smoke you would have thought the conclave had convened in my home and decided on the new pope and forgot that I didn't have a chimney. In a split second my husband opens the microwave grabs the heavily smoking bag of popcorn and throws it out the back door.  All the while I'm running around opening windows, doors, and grabbing a box fan trying to get the smoke out and away from the smoke alarm...which didn't go off because someone took out the battery...

After about a half hour of the entire house being opened up and all the fans going (mind you its not warm outside at all) the smoke was gone.  After about 3 hours the kitchen smelled like toasted marshmallows instead of scorched popcorn.  I went outside a little later and walked past the bag of popcorn and for a second thought "why is there a bag of popcorn in my yard...oh yea".   I was curious and opened it up to see how badly the popcorn had was a solid black block of scorched kernels.  Needless to say I threw it away, not even the squirrels wanted it.

On the project front- I finished 2 projects this week, while still in Ohio.
A crocheted baby blanket.

The multidirectional scarf made from Hydra.

Both of which stayed in Ohio.

I got to start a special new project....a shawl made out of Sprout! Now I can't show you the progress because, well, I'm designing it to be a pattern for all you beautiful people out there with a skein of Sprout and no shawl pattern.  I can say that the construction is not your traditional way of making a shawl and that I'm making it out of Ochre and toying with adding Midsummer Night to it. Hmmm, decisions.  

I think I'll add making a collection of patterns to my resolutions list....because I'm close to crossing off make 20 new colorways this year!! Only one to go before I hit 20 new ones...I think I'll go to 27 and stop for the year.  I haven't produced my new yarn line yet but I have picked out the content and color palette for it! You may hear whispers in the near future!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow day!

Well surprisingly I slept more on the road trip than I knit.  I brought a crocheted baby blanket that I'm almost done with.  I also started working on a shawl pattern for all you out there with Sprout yarn just waiting for the perfect project!  In other news I am going cross eyed looking at houses up here.  I wish the perfect one would just jump out and slap me and say "hey, stop looking, here I am."  But then I wouldn't trust my home after it had done that. Good thing houses don't talk or slap.  
 So that new colorway picture, is at home where I am not... so you'll have to wait, sorry!  Tyler unfortunately didn't make it.  So here's a picture to see who a great new colorway is named after.

On to happier things, I had my first snow day!! 

 Jordan and I got up early and layered up, seeing as we had no snow gear.  Yoga pants are surprisingly just as warm as long johns and a little more stylish too.  We were outside for about an hour and half, doing all your snow day activities...

.....shoveling the driveway

 .....scooping the 4 inches of snow off your car

 ....snowball fights, snow angels, and running around in the snow playing with the dogs.

So as crazy as this trip has been, it has been a blast.  Only a few more days before it's back to the warm sunshine.  

Thursday, February 28, 2013

New colorway and a finished project

I need to start writing stuff down during the week so I can remember what happened that was quirky.  I  don't recall any zany stories because I am exhausted and the big part of the week hasn't even started...the 15 hr drive to Ohio.  I like it I take some motion sickness medicine and then I'm off to uninterrupted knitting (unless it's a nap). In preparation I got 40 skeins dyed this week, I could have done more if I had another drying rack....I guess that will be part of the set up when we move North.

I also made a new colorway in honor of my sick dog Ty.  He has a kidney that is 3 times what it should be and it isn't looking to good.  He was my first pet, if you don't count the lizards that I hatched that got loose in my room.  I was there when he was born, he was too fat and I had to pull the little booger out of the birth canal.  He is very dear to me and I hope he pulls through.  He has always had a blue collar of one shade or the other so I think I might call the colorway Ripe Tyde.  I'll post a picture next week, its still drying.

I started making my color rings for yarn shops to see, in person, what Sprout looks like. Here's my progress.

Onto projects, I didn't get any farther on that shawlette, I will have to take that with me on my road trip.
As for the little pocket book, I haven't felted it because I'm still puzzling out the pattern.  I did some amazing mind bending techniques but I have to figure out how to write it down so that it's showing people exactly how to do it in words.  I'm still working on my multi directional scarf, that is coming with me as well, its purse knitting for the time being.  I started my tank out of Belisia, there isn't enough progress yet for a picture.

And here is the accomplishment for the week:

I finished Jordan's Henley, or as it's been lovingly referred to as The Henley from Hell.  I started it two years ago, thinking I would have it done for Christmas.  It was a top down, raglan sleeve  and one of my first in-the-round projects, except the first portion was flat knitting.  Either way the pattern I was using, if not read carefully and having prior experience with garments, led me down the path of putting increases where they shouldn't go, resulting in a section that looked like I had made if for a woman not a man.  I didn't catch this until I was halfway done.  So what did I do?  I watched it unravel back into balls and laughed at myself the whole time.  So the project got put away to work on others because I clearly wasn't going to finish this before Christmas.  I pulled it out a few months later and start working on it.  I soon realize that choosing a sport weight yarn was the dumbest thing I could have possibly chosen because it was taking forever!  I should have done it out of worsted and just let him sweat to death.  Either way, I almost had it done for christmas this year, but I didn't.   I did however wrap up what I had done and the yarn that I had left and gave it to Jordan for Christmas.  I finished the actual knitting a few weeks after Christmas, picked out the buttons, and then it just sat.  It sat for a whole month until, staring at me from the coffee table saying, "please, please put my buttons on".  So I did and Jordan better wear that henley while we are in Ohio, where it's snowing, and he better not say "oh you know you should have knit this out of a thicker yarn".  You know I think that counts as two projects....I think I'll start a new one.  I mean I have a road trip coming up right?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sheep, Semi Circles and Shawls, Oh My!

So this week was crazy, I didn't even know what day it was half the time this week.  I thought somehow that the end of this week was the end of next week...yea it didn't make sense to me either.  Something was off in my head because I also went to bed at 10pm and I had forced myself to stay up til then, I wanted to fall asleep at 8. That never happens, I'm normally up into the wee hours of the morning knitting, working on patterns, or doing something else that can't wait until the next day.  But if I finish things I get to start things!! So I made up a freebee pattern, I have to felt it but it is a companion change purse to the pinwheel bag.  It has an interesting construction that I think will be a fun challenge for an adventurous knitter.  So I have to write up the pattern and felt it but here is a sneak peak of the overall shape.

Trust me when it's done, and you see how it was made you will go, 'whaa..that's awesome!' (Well, maybe you will be mildly amused which is just as good.)  I'll be sure to make an explanative post just for the change purse to supplement the free Ravelry download.

On another note a friend of mine asked me to make a sheep book cover, so I did.

I'm impressed that I came up with the pattern on the fly, it could be better but I'm happy with it.
I used Woolie Bullie from Hikoo for the fluff and Cascade 220 for the rest.

Here is my progress on the Vintage Colors Shawlette.

I'm hoping to be farther along on that next week, but alot will be going on next week.  I have to work  a new order of yarn to dye and I'll be leaving for a visit to Ohio to iron out all the details for our (my hubster and I) move in the near future.

So that was two finished projects so I get to start a new one. Hmm.. I want to start my cotton tank out of Belisia, maybe that will be a driving project.  Tune in next week to see what crazy antics I may have gotten myself into.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Milked a Cow at the Fair

I wish my sister had gotten a picture of it.  I was holding my quart of sweet tea in one hand (my clean hand) and trying to milk a cow with the other, while standing up.  Needless to say the 26 years building up to this moment made the actual attempt at milking look pretty pathetic in comparison.  I didn't want to yank the cow's udders, I mean who would like that?  So I ended up squirting her own legs and then I finally got the aim down to in the bucket.  But I didn't have as much gusto as the lady that was milking the cow and slapping stickers on the poor city slickers attempting to milk the cow.

If you haven't guessed it yet I went to the fair this week among other things.  The past couple years I have come to absolutely love the livestock portion of the fair and the petting zoo.  You couldn't smack the smile off my face as I petted the angora goats (mohair), angora rabbits (angora), alpaca, sheep, yak, and Scottish highlanders.  All the while I'm dreaming of my farm with all these animals on it that I use their fiber for my many lines of yarn...

As for yarn and projects, I finished my Simple Yet Effective Shawl, that I made into a scarf, out of Sprout in the Embers color way.

I also finished my Twizzle scarf on the loom. I'm going to twist the fringe on it, I think it just makes it look finished.

So since I finished 2 projects I got to start one, Vintage Colors Shawlette, using a ball of Skinny Stripes from my stash along with one ball of Cozette. I'll post a picture of that next week when I have a little more done.

Last Saturday was great, the new yarn jumped off the shelves, thank you everyone!
Here's some solids and some multis that you may have not seen.
From Left to Right:  Electric Slide, Hollyhock,          Midsummer Night and Caramel

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Monty Python in my Sleep

So I've been dyeing my little fingers off this week, but when it comes to sleep this week has been an epic fail.  I get woken up by the slightest thing and then I can't get back to my deep sleep.  It's been going on the past couple of days, all identifiable things waking me up, but this morning I swear to you I  was woken up by music from Monty Python.  It was the trumpeting segue that moves you from scene to scene.  I don't know where it came from.  But I digress.

I'm sitting here thinking, what projects did I finish this week?  Nothing, that's right, nothing.  I didn't work on my mitered cardi at all.  I piddled around with the multi directional scarf.  I am working on my twizzle scarf on my loom.

I took pictures of my new colorways, some aren't done drying so those didn't make it but here are 2 new colors out of the 16.  If you want to buy them they will be available at the Knit 'n Knibble on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 9TH.  That's this Saturday.

Dusty Jade
 Spanish Moss

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Explosive Relationship with Blueberries

As the title infers I have a short story to tell.  Blueberries- I think they hate me.  This week they decided to become kamikaze around me.  Jordan(my husband) made me some great blueberry pancakes the other day and I'm cutting into them and he here's "ahhhh" come from my mouth, he thought I had cut myself.  So he rushes to the kitchen table to find me covered in blueberry.  I had cut into a ridiculously large one that hadn't broken and was waiting for me like a hot gooey land mine.  It was all over my face and shirt, some even made it on the wall behind me. So blueberries are on my bad side.  This morning I'm making myself breakfast, without the kitchen light on, forgetting that my husband is in the kitchen at 4:30 in the morning doing the same thing, and I go to wash a dish.  I put my foot down onto something big that immediate explodes under my foot.  It's dark where I stepped so I hobble over to turn on the light thoughts of did I just step on a huge bug, it didn't crunch was it a little pest, eww that was gross.  I flip the light on, it was a giant blueberry. It is now smushed into the rug and it dawns on me as I'm on my hands and knees trying to get it out of my rug...Jordan.   He is unintentionally pranking me with blueberries. My take away from this, a foot that looks like I stepped on a smurf.

On a bright note, I have the picture of the finished hat, the yarn I bought for it went towards supporting Stitch Red. I apologize for the face book pose but I didn't have anyone to take the picture for me.

I have made good progress on my Mitered Cardi.  I have to be honest though, after making 24 mitered squares for the right side of the jacket front I'm not too excited about the next 24 for the other side.  They are attached vertically instead of horizontally so I have 7 more ends to weave in now. I can't complain too much once I finish the 24 I just have the back and then seaming it and done.  Here's a portion of my progress.

This week I started a cotton multi directional scarf.  It's a good mindless knit once you get going.  It's made from Hydra, nice and soft.  I love the colorway too.
And the piece de resistance (say that in a terrible French accent),  I created 16 new colorways.  I can reveal some of the names, but they aren't dry enough to get a good picture, so the pictures will come next week.  Stars and Stripes, Spanish Moss, Sweetheart, Midsummer Night, Plum, and Dahlia. What a good reason to stay tuned.