Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sandhill Cranes and Shawlettes

The past couple weeks have been busy- birthdays, Mother's Day, stairs, and exploding stockpot bottles.    On my Mother's birthday we went to Texas Roadhouse and when we walked out the door to leave a Sandhill crane was staring back at me, just hanging out.

Tuesday I was helping a friend move some things and one of the elevators broke so I ended up walking 27 flights of stairs.  I'll be feeling that today.  Then I was dyeing yarn and in the midst of measuring out some yellow from the stock bottle there is a loud pop and next thing I know I have yellow dye all over my arms, the bottle had broken.

So onto better things.  I finished the Vintage Colors Shawlette.

I also had a chance to weave up some little squares of Sprout, the Embers and Caribbean blue are 9 epi, and the Purple Haze 18epi, which would be great for twill.

I've started a Ribby Shell from Chic Knits made out of Cotton Classic.  I'm also working on the shawl pattern for Sprout!  I can't wait to finish it, so you can see it!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

New techniques finished projects and peacocks

I've been a bad blogger I didn't write anything last week, but I did accomplish things.
Thanks to Jenna I can now tat.  I still have things to work on like getting my rings close to my double stitches  when I finish them.  The picture below is about as close as I can get my ring, if I don't tie my ring into a knot.  But I have to have a quick learning curve because I have a time sensitve project to finish for a dear friend.  

 I finished two projects, the Ilene Bag and the baby blanket.

Both were quick projects that were fun to do. I'm coming along on the Vintage Colors Shawlette.
Once you train your brain to look at the half charts its a pretty quick knit.

So since I finished two projects and I'm more than half way through, I started one.  A washcloth out of Hemp for Knitting.

As a parting shot, a peacock on my house.  They don't normally live in my area.  But I thought I heard one.  Jordan walked outside and saw someone taking pictures of our house, so he turns around and sees a peacock looking back at him.  He caught this photo as the peacock hopped from roof to roof down the street.