Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pregnancy Fuels Innovation

I have learned certain things in this past month from being pregnant that I think I wouldn't have come to  yet in my life if I weren't pregnant.  Some of these aren't too graphic but its not puppy kisses and rainbows.

1)  Your attention span/thought process can go up in smoke like that and you won't realize it until you are trying to do an activity that requires extended brain power - pregnancy brain.

Results: Write down more things because you now know that you will forget them in 5 minutes and good luck trying to recall them tomorrow.

2)  You are aware of your body and how much goes into its function.  Even though I'm not showing much yet my body is frequently reminding me that I'm pregnant.  I have trouble bending over, my belly muscles feel like I'm going to pull them every time I sneeze, if I get up too quickly I have a slight out of body experience for a second.

Results:  I have to squat to pick things up, I have to do stretches every morning to make sure my muscles don't get tight, I also curl into a ball before sneezing, and I now have to sit up for a minute then get up slowly.

3)  You have to think up clever ways of doing things.  Since I'm not only fueling my body in daily operation but also another humans for which we share the same amount of energy that I had before that was just mine.  Having my own business where I stand most of the time wasn't working with the fact that I can't stand for long periods of time without feeling like I just ran a marathon.

Result:  I have streamlined the yarn dying process even more than I thought I could so I accomplish the same amount of work in a shorter time.

If I could remember anymore things I would but I didn't write them down. So ha, you and I will never know them.

Oh I just remembered one, there is hope for me yet!

4) You realize how much food costs, and how much of the weekly food goes into your mouth.  Good God how much food can one person eat in a day!  I mean jokes at work go something like this-"Everytime I come back here you are eating." or "It looks like Lindsay started lunch early, it's only 11am."  I have learned it doesn't matter when I think I should eat, I have that 'I am going to starve if I don't eat NOW almost all the time.' feeling.  My metal lunchbox needs an extension on it.  Also foods I know I should eat but as soon as I do they decide to make a return appearance.  The rationally irrational thought happens: "I just wasted money because I wasted food."   Once that happens the remaining food in question grosses me out every time I think about eating it and it goes bad, and then I have that thought again, "You didn't eat the food, you just threw your money away."

Results:  On those two points I  a) now carry food in my purse AND my lunch box, it still barely gets me back home in time to eat a snack while cooking dinner.  Also  b) I don't buy trigger foods until I can walk past them in the store and not think of gagging.

Okay on a fiber note I got to play with a mohair/merino blend and I love the heathered effect I get.  It's because the mohair absorbed the dye more, making it slightly more intense in hue than the merino.  IT WAS SO COOL!  If I could find a blend with some cashmere in it that would be great!  I am still working on the technical writing for the shawl pattern so all is quiet on the new project front.  I do have a double breasted cardigan in the queue that I will start before too long if I expect to wear it this winter. Maybe that will be what I start this week.

Here is a picture of my work in progress (lil Sprout looks like they are sitting crosslegged and practicing knitting):