Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tansy Yellow-My first naturally hand dyed yarn.

So I got up later than usual(9am), ate a good breakfast-the bacon and egg type, and went outside to set up for yarn dying.  I mordanted the yarn while cooking the tansy.  Then once that was done I rinsed the yarn and took the flowers out. And put the yarn in to the dye pot.   I now have two beautiful golden yellow skeins of yarn.  This has taught me to watch your burner because the flame might go out if winds blowing enough and that I need more pots because how I did everything today with only two was quite interesting.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My first natural dye bath

Yay my first natural dye bath!  I'm using tansy to get a deep yellow.  I'm so excited.  So I'm documenting like crazy so I get consistency.  As of now the yarn is washed and the flowers are soaking overnight.  Tomorrow I get to premordant the yarn with alum and then let the dye bath begin.  So here's the shot of me starting to add the tansy to the pot to soak overnight.  Yay! Pictures tomorrow of the end product...dyeing yarn and cooking casserole for Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The three goofballs

So I went to a craft show with my mother and my sister decided to tag along.  Well the craft show went okay but it was after when we went to the park down the road that I enjoyed most about my day.  The three of us sat there eating lunch and cracking jokes that only we would get.  At one point my mascara stated to run because I laughed so hard that I cried.  We walked the pier where my sister got to take pictures, goofy ones included. We also saw a hobo at the end of the pier sleeping on the ground with a clock and radio on the seat that went around the railing.  It wasn't the fact that he was sleeping there that struck me as funny, it was the clock that made me feel like I was intruding upon some private space eventhough it was a public pier I was on. Well today was good, I got my new name out there..The Fiber Seed and sold a few scarves. All in all a good day.  Now to work on my website.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Owls revisted!

So I never put the picture of the owls up. Here it is. It's been a while since the owls were around, they must have found a better place to roost..

Saturday, June 11, 2011


So a few days ago Jordan and I have little owls roosting in the dense foliage of the tree limb that sits above our back porch.  They will sit and watch Jordan do his woodworking and sleep.  I finally looked up owls in fl on google and by process of elimination based on looks and the sound of their call I found out that I have three eastern screech owls.  So I wanted to see if they would respond to a screech owl recording I had found and I played it from my phone.  Well they took notice and started looking around for another screech owl.  Then a bluray started to attack one and I wanted to scare it away so I played a barn owls call and realized that neither the bluejay nor the owl liked that sound. When I did some research I realized that bluejays can prey on screech owls and the barn owl eats both. So needless to say I feel terrible.  I can hear the owls outside calling to one another, it sounds so peaceful.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm back!

So I've figured out how to keep myself on here and be active, get a widget for my phone.  That way when interesting stuff happens I don't have to try and remember til later when I get to a computer!  A woohoo moment I got my first book on natural dyes for fiber and I learned how to weave on Sunday! I'll post some pictures of my latest projects later, but here's the first one.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb. Week 4

So I somehow got absolutely none of the things on my list done this past week. I did however get two giant flower orders and and order to sew up some aprons..which will be fun because I haven't done that before. I didn't get any bags done but I don have about 10 cut and pinned to make, now I just have to make them, but thats after I finish that flower order and the aprons, what a busy week this will be.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb. Week 3

I finished my neckwarmer, its awesome! It doubles as a head wrap. Here's the's currently freezing in my house!
So no loop tags, I'm looking though. As for project bags, my totals are 5 small and 7 sock, I will reach this goal by the end of the week. I've listed three new items this past week but I need to take pictures so that I have something to list this week. I wrote out my cable pattern now I just need to make a prototype for guage because that was the one thing I forgot to do when I made those alpaca ones. Personal Achievement!!: Jordan and I made and canned our own strawberry jam!! Off to iron fabric for project bags, maybe I can get some in my etsy shop this week.

Monday, February 7, 2011

February Goals

So this month what to do. I think my 4 goals this month are 1. Get loop tags made with my logo so I can sew them into the project bags. 2. Make 10 small project bags and 10 sock project bags. So far I have 3 small and 3 sock bags made up. 3. List 3 new items on etsy a week. 4. Write out cabled fingerless glove pattern for sale. My personal goal this month is to get my neckwarmer done for myself and try to get the raglan and placket shaping for Jordan's henley finished.
I'm exhausted, this is what happens when you start being diligent with your time. Parting shots though. The inside and outside of one of the sock project bags, they are reversible! I will update at the end of the week with my progress and some of the product photos!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Well this is going to be short and sweet today. I epically failed to finish my eye pods goal. But I'm okay with that. I accomplished my project bag goal, which I'm excited about because I have so many lined up ready to make for next month. Patterns are at a stand still. I'll update later.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

January Goals Update

So this week was crazy busy again, but I think that I'm starting to adjust, or at least get organized. I'm still not getting as much as I wanted done, but I am realizing that I'm only human. I'm also realizing that I have spent all my alotted amount 'all-nighters' for life. As for my goals this month I think I'm doing pretty good but I'm down to crunch time. I have 5 eye pods done. Two reversible bags finished...I'm thinking about creating a sock project size in addition to the small project size. I've made up 3 new patterns I just have to type them up. The facebook likes are fulfilled as well, Yay!. Lets see if I can reach my goals or at least get close, so far I have 50% done but lets go for 100 right? I also have to think about what my goals for next month will be..hmm.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Well new years resolutions

So much for one of my resolutions, keep up with my blog at least on a week or bi-weekly basis. But here is my stumbling block, resolution. I am going a different route. I am going to have goals each month that I am going to achieve that way at the end of the year I'm not sitting there waiting for the ball to drop and thinking about all these amazing resolutions I crapped out on. So for the month of January I have put up 4goals. 1. Make 10 eyeglass cases in 10 colors. 2. Make 10 reversible project bags. 3. Make 3 new patterns and get them printed out and ready to be sold. 4. Get 3 more followers on my facebook fan page. If you want to be apart of my last goal for the month look me up on facebook, KnittedWaveStudio. Well I will update at the end of the week to see what I have accomplished.