Saturday, June 11, 2011


So a few days ago Jordan and I have little owls roosting in the dense foliage of the tree limb that sits above our back porch.  They will sit and watch Jordan do his woodworking and sleep.  I finally looked up owls in fl on google and by process of elimination based on looks and the sound of their call I found out that I have three eastern screech owls.  So I wanted to see if they would respond to a screech owl recording I had found and I played it from my phone.  Well they took notice and started looking around for another screech owl.  Then a bluray started to attack one and I wanted to scare it away so I played a barn owls call and realized that neither the bluejay nor the owl liked that sound. When I did some research I realized that bluejays can prey on screech owls and the barn owl eats both. So needless to say I feel terrible.  I can hear the owls outside calling to one another, it sounds so peaceful.