Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wisdom and the Lack there of

Well the last couple of weeks have been nonstop busy. I've been working like crazy, barely anytime for my knitting and crocheting and then bam...I get my wisdom teeth pulled. I thought I might be a little tired but I could get a bunch of stuff churned out. HA HA I didn't plan on being a big wussie and reacting to the pain meds negatively, migraines and swollen tongue weren't on the side effects listed. Therefore I have many projects I started and then the side effects kicked in and I was down for the count each time. I have slept off the migraine 4 times today, each time it came back but its bearable right now. I am currently hoping that the bathroom my husband just painted will be dry so that I can mark that off our list, even though I didn't really help at all because I was out of commission. Hopefully tomorrow will be the conclusion of all this nonsense because I have work bright and early on Tuesday.

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