Friday, February 10, 2012

Madder root dye bath no. 2

After letting my dyestuff soak in a fresh water bath overnight and putting two new premordanted skeins in and lightest colored skein from the first dyebath I have found two things: that changing the water out after you've dyed yarn won't yield a redder color but a paler orange rust and you can't over dye with the second dye bath. I did find however that by using little mini skeins youcan test hypotheses quick.  I get the reddest rust with the first dyebath, medium tone rust from letting yarn sit in the soaking water in the sun all day adding some 1st dye bath letting the mixture sit over night, and getting the lightest rust from the second dye bath.  I think I want to do a blue or purple next in natural dyes.  I've been reading about greener shades dyes and I might have to retract my statement about them. They are green and allow for hand painted yan to be worked encredibly.  Here's the picture of the yarns.