Friday, March 23, 2012

The Lock Out

The first thing you think when something embarrassing happens is, tell the whole world on my blog. Not.  Well, your laughter at my expense is just more important than my pride at this point so I give you a hilarious tale of the Lock Out.
I was house and dog sitting for a friend.  It was morning, I was in my pajama shirt and I decided I need to take out the trash, which is in the garage.  Now I know that the doors to the outside will let you out of them even if they are locked and I had always unlocked the doors before going out of them.
Side note: Coffee is a vital part of my day, I hadn't had any yet.
Anyway, I was by myself, Jordan had left for work with the only key to the house.  Out to the garage I go in my jammers, toss the trash in the can, turn around and wait....the door knob isn't turning.  Thoughts that flood through my mind..."You idiot, well this is what you get for letting Jordan lock himself out of this house for 20 minutes while you were upstairs the whole time, and oh crap I'm in my jams without a phone and I can't get in the house."  I frantically look for a spare key, nope.  I try every window and door, nothing.  So I weighed out my options, sit outside in my pajamas until my husband came back in 3 hours or go to a next door neighbor and use their phone.  Well, I wasn't about to sit there for 3 hours, I had yarn to dye.  So down the driveway I go into the street up the driveway next door, ring the door bell.  Boy was the little old woman who answered the door shocked to see a me in my pajama shirt on her front porch.  She was kind enough to let me come in and use her phone to call Jordan, getting a good chuckle out of my predicament.  After 5 minutes of persistent calling he finally picked up and said he would come and unlock the door for me.  He got a good laugh out of it too.  The first thing I did when I got inside, put on pants.
Hopefully my day brightened yours or put a smile on your face.

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