Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sandhill Cranes and Shawlettes

The past couple weeks have been busy- birthdays, Mother's Day, stairs, and exploding stockpot bottles.    On my Mother's birthday we went to Texas Roadhouse and when we walked out the door to leave a Sandhill crane was staring back at me, just hanging out.

Tuesday I was helping a friend move some things and one of the elevators broke so I ended up walking 27 flights of stairs.  I'll be feeling that today.  Then I was dyeing yarn and in the midst of measuring out some yellow from the stock bottle there is a loud pop and next thing I know I have yellow dye all over my arms, the bottle had broken.

So onto better things.  I finished the Vintage Colors Shawlette.

I also had a chance to weave up some little squares of Sprout, the Embers and Caribbean blue are 9 epi, and the Purple Haze 18epi, which would be great for twill.

I've started a Ribby Shell from Chic Knits made out of Cotton Classic.  I'm also working on the shawl pattern for Sprout!  I can't wait to finish it, so you can see it!

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  1. Love the woven samples. That may be my project after I finish the double weave class.