Friday, March 20, 2009

The Ball Field

Yesterday was nonstop busy. After working for 7 hours, Jordan and I headed to Belmont Heights Ball Park, one of the poorest places in town. You would have to know this because there housing looks nicer than most peoples. Anyway we arrived at the ball field and the kids were all over the place, it was organized chaos. As the 5-16 yr olds went through the baseball clinic that my bible study was putting on, I noticed no one was playing with the little girls and boys that weren't in the clinic. I met Kayla, JaMiah, Quan, Charles, and a few others. We played catch, football, and jump roped. The kids were having so much fun just playing on the side of the field. They couldn't stop smiling and laughing. I played with Kayla the most, she loved playing catch and really improved from when we started. When the clinic part was done they talked to them about Jesus. I noticed no one was talking to the kids I was playing with. I asked them if they heard about Jesus and they all said yes. We talked about it for a while and they were all smiles. When the baseball clinic was finally over I and I was handing out dinner, Kayla and her mom walked by and I said, "Hey Kayla" and her mother with a shocked look, smiled and said, "you remembered her name". After feeding about 150 kids we were cleaning up and all the kids were leaving, Kayla's mom said "Kayla there's your friend said bye!" Kayla smiled and waved! I had a great time there and I think we made a difference in that neighborhood, we just need to follow up. It was definitely an exhausting day but it was worth it.

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