Friday, April 10, 2009

Lights out!

This was definitely a fantastical day. First I had to take boob money from a woman that I rang up in line today, I thought, "it is too early for these types of shananigans". The question I don't want answered is where did she put her change? After that it got crazy then dead, like waves of the ocean. Then the lights went out. That is when you truely realize how many people can occupy a michaels at once...when they all get called to the front of the store for their safety.. The generator kicked on to run registers and emergency lights which lasted about 15 minutes. In one of my not so spare moments I looked to the left side of the store where the lights where flickering and it kind of looked like the haunted mansion, but it was oddly calming. I'm also realizing that the spell check on this blog tells you what you are spelling wrong but doesn't suggest a way to fix said mistakes...catch 22's stink. I realized after forgetting I had a blog that I was being virtuous and idealistic about posting biweekly. I must train myself to keep up with this like I used to so I think I can pull a weekly blog that will be on Fridays. If I have a spurt of interest during the weekend I might have a special weekend post otherwise the lack of interesting will allow me a chance for brain deadedness that I have no chance for anymore. I probably won't let myself have it anyway. Long days are followed by short nights.

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