Thursday, April 1, 2010

Being Sick Stinks

So I am friggin' sick. It's all out of love too. I went to my husband's softball game on Monday and the wind was gusting at what must have been a steady 20 mph, and it was cold. Either way I slowly through out the week could feel myself getting sick and tried as I might nothing works. I am a pitiful lump. What made today oh so memorable is the fact that my pitiful self was involved in a giant catastrophe that involved me, a bowl of grits, and my entire kitchen.
And begin story... I am a pitiful lump who is achy and weak all over and you would think that making a little bowl of grits would be a fairly simple task even in my state, WRONG! No sooner had I pulled my hot steaming grits from the microwave, I turned to walk into my kitchen to stir said grits. As I walk the whole two feet from the microwave to the counter I only get about a half a foot in and BLAMO! I have no idea what happened whether it was the bowl faltering in my less-than-Samson grip or slipping out from under my slippers but in an instant the instant grits were EVERY WHERE except in the bowl.
SO...what do I do? To my shock and amazement I start crying! I've gotten grits all over my fluffy comfy bathrobe, the only thing keeping me warm through the cold chills, and on every surface imaginable. The floor, the oven, inside the spice rack, on the backsplash, on and in the cabinets and the list goes on.
What was supposed to be a simple breakfast ended up in me deep cleaning the kitchen and relinquishing my bathrobe to the washer and dryer for two hours.

Needless to say I am starving and cold.

On a lighter note I listed my hand dyed yarn on Etsy. The title is a link to the listing and here is a picture to tantalize the senses.


  1. Awwwww... Feel better soon... it's ok, I would have burst into tears too! :) Hugs :)