Friday, April 9, 2010

Weedon Island

So I did two new things on Monday, kayaking and exploring a place called Weedon Island. Both were awesome. Weedon Island is basically a giant conglomeration of mangrove outcropping in the shallows of Tampa Bay. It's both magical and mysteriously eerie all at the same time. I saw so much beautiful wildlife and some odd ones as well. Heron, ibis, ducks, snook, redfish, and mullet. I'm pretty sure I saw an eel snap at me too, he was little though. They have these numbered signs so that you basically don't get lost in the numerous channels that course through the sea of mangrove trees. But they get sparse at times and you have to follow your own intuition, mine apparently works. The funny thing is at the end you see this giant open space and you thinking this is right next to the channel, where are my freakin' signs? Oh their about a quarter to a half mile away...and it goes on like that for a few miles. You start to wonder, am I ever going to get back to the boat docks? While contemplating this and staring into the water realizing it was getting deep to the point that I could no longer comfortably see the bottom, my dear terra, I hear a slap in the water not ten feet from me. I'm so startled I jumped a little, which is impressive when you are sitting in a kayak. I keep watch on the water and then a few seconds later I realize what the noise was, dolphins. It was a momma and her calf. The calf was being the playful one who was slapping the water with its tail. It was so amazing and I can't wait to go back. I was also inspired by the nature that was surrounding me so expect it to show in my work. For now here are some raw shots of the flora and fauna.

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