Sunday, January 23, 2011

January Goals Update

So this week was crazy busy again, but I think that I'm starting to adjust, or at least get organized. I'm still not getting as much as I wanted done, but I am realizing that I'm only human. I'm also realizing that I have spent all my alotted amount 'all-nighters' for life. As for my goals this month I think I'm doing pretty good but I'm down to crunch time. I have 5 eye pods done. Two reversible bags finished...I'm thinking about creating a sock project size in addition to the small project size. I've made up 3 new patterns I just have to type them up. The facebook likes are fulfilled as well, Yay!. Lets see if I can reach my goals or at least get close, so far I have 50% done but lets go for 100 right? I also have to think about what my goals for next month will be..hmm.

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