Monday, January 17, 2011

Well new years resolutions

So much for one of my resolutions, keep up with my blog at least on a week or bi-weekly basis. But here is my stumbling block, resolution. I am going a different route. I am going to have goals each month that I am going to achieve that way at the end of the year I'm not sitting there waiting for the ball to drop and thinking about all these amazing resolutions I crapped out on. So for the month of January I have put up 4goals. 1. Make 10 eyeglass cases in 10 colors. 2. Make 10 reversible project bags. 3. Make 3 new patterns and get them printed out and ready to be sold. 4. Get 3 more followers on my facebook fan page. If you want to be apart of my last goal for the month look me up on facebook, KnittedWaveStudio. Well I will update at the end of the week to see what I have accomplished.

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