Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Wow, I'm already procrastinating. First post of the year, good thing punctuality wasn't a resolution or I've already let myself down.  Anyway, I've been thinking about resolutions in my fiber realm and I've decided resolutions are goals and I'm going to achieve some goals this year.

So this year for The Fiber Seed I'm going to:
Create at least 20 new colorways, be they solid or multicolor.
Finish my classes on writing knitted garment patterns in multiple sizes.
Create a new line of yarn.
Create pattern support for my current line of yarn as well as the new line.
Get my yarn into at least 5 new yarn shops.
Beef up my knitting and crochet accessories stock.(Multiple sized project bags, knitting needle and crochet hook rolls, etc.)

For me personally:
Finish at least 2 projects a month, doesn't matter when I started them.
Every project I start this year I will finish this year.

I know that sounds ambitious for just one person. But you have to dream big, right?
I plan on updating my blog every week with an update on my progress...maybe that should be a goal too...

What are your fiber related resolutions this year?

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