Thursday, January 31, 2013

Explosive Relationship with Blueberries

As the title infers I have a short story to tell.  Blueberries- I think they hate me.  This week they decided to become kamikaze around me.  Jordan(my husband) made me some great blueberry pancakes the other day and I'm cutting into them and he here's "ahhhh" come from my mouth, he thought I had cut myself.  So he rushes to the kitchen table to find me covered in blueberry.  I had cut into a ridiculously large one that hadn't broken and was waiting for me like a hot gooey land mine.  It was all over my face and shirt, some even made it on the wall behind me. So blueberries are on my bad side.  This morning I'm making myself breakfast, without the kitchen light on, forgetting that my husband is in the kitchen at 4:30 in the morning doing the same thing, and I go to wash a dish.  I put my foot down onto something big that immediate explodes under my foot.  It's dark where I stepped so I hobble over to turn on the light thoughts of did I just step on a huge bug, it didn't crunch was it a little pest, eww that was gross.  I flip the light on, it was a giant blueberry. It is now smushed into the rug and it dawns on me as I'm on my hands and knees trying to get it out of my rug...Jordan.   He is unintentionally pranking me with blueberries. My take away from this, a foot that looks like I stepped on a smurf.

On a bright note, I have the picture of the finished hat, the yarn I bought for it went towards supporting Stitch Red. I apologize for the face book pose but I didn't have anyone to take the picture for me.

I have made good progress on my Mitered Cardi.  I have to be honest though, after making 24 mitered squares for the right side of the jacket front I'm not too excited about the next 24 for the other side.  They are attached vertically instead of horizontally so I have 7 more ends to weave in now. I can't complain too much once I finish the 24 I just have the back and then seaming it and done.  Here's a portion of my progress.

This week I started a cotton multi directional scarf.  It's a good mindless knit once you get going.  It's made from Hydra, nice and soft.  I love the colorway too.
And the piece de resistance (say that in a terrible French accent),  I created 16 new colorways.  I can reveal some of the names, but they aren't dry enough to get a good picture, so the pictures will come next week.  Stars and Stripes, Spanish Moss, Sweetheart, Midsummer Night, Plum, and Dahlia. What a good reason to stay tuned.  

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