Friday, March 15, 2013

Scorched popcorn and finished projects

Let me tell you a short story.  It involves my sister, my microwave and a bag of popcorn.  I had just gotten back from my trip and my sister and I were going to watch a movie.  She went to put the popcorn into the microwave and I went into the bedroom to change out of my pajamas and into my lounging pajamas.  In the mean time my sister has punched the pretimed popcorn button and walked away from the microwave to help my husband load pictures onto facebook in another room.  ::she isn't watching or listening to the popcorn::  The next thing I hear is her yelling "Lindsay, help, quick!!" Jordan and I race to her and find the whole front of our house filled with so much white smoke you would have thought the conclave had convened in my home and decided on the new pope and forgot that I didn't have a chimney. In a split second my husband opens the microwave grabs the heavily smoking bag of popcorn and throws it out the back door.  All the while I'm running around opening windows, doors, and grabbing a box fan trying to get the smoke out and away from the smoke alarm...which didn't go off because someone took out the battery...

After about a half hour of the entire house being opened up and all the fans going (mind you its not warm outside at all) the smoke was gone.  After about 3 hours the kitchen smelled like toasted marshmallows instead of scorched popcorn.  I went outside a little later and walked past the bag of popcorn and for a second thought "why is there a bag of popcorn in my yard...oh yea".   I was curious and opened it up to see how badly the popcorn had was a solid black block of scorched kernels.  Needless to say I threw it away, not even the squirrels wanted it.

On the project front- I finished 2 projects this week, while still in Ohio.
A crocheted baby blanket.

The multidirectional scarf made from Hydra.

Both of which stayed in Ohio.

I got to start a special new project....a shawl made out of Sprout! Now I can't show you the progress because, well, I'm designing it to be a pattern for all you beautiful people out there with a skein of Sprout and no shawl pattern.  I can say that the construction is not your traditional way of making a shawl and that I'm making it out of Ochre and toying with adding Midsummer Night to it. Hmmm, decisions.  

I think I'll add making a collection of patterns to my resolutions list....because I'm close to crossing off make 20 new colorways this year!! Only one to go before I hit 20 new ones...I think I'll go to 27 and stop for the year.  I haven't produced my new yarn line yet but I have picked out the content and color palette for it! You may hear whispers in the near future!

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