Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow day!

Well surprisingly I slept more on the road trip than I knit.  I brought a crocheted baby blanket that I'm almost done with.  I also started working on a shawl pattern for all you out there with Sprout yarn just waiting for the perfect project!  In other news I am going cross eyed looking at houses up here.  I wish the perfect one would just jump out and slap me and say "hey, stop looking, here I am."  But then I wouldn't trust my home after it had done that. Good thing houses don't talk or slap.  
 So that new colorway picture, is at home where I am not... so you'll have to wait, sorry!  Tyler unfortunately didn't make it.  So here's a picture to see who a great new colorway is named after.

On to happier things, I had my first snow day!! 

 Jordan and I got up early and layered up, seeing as we had no snow gear.  Yoga pants are surprisingly just as warm as long johns and a little more stylish too.  We were outside for about an hour and half, doing all your snow day activities...

.....shoveling the driveway

 .....scooping the 4 inches of snow off your car

 ....snowball fights, snow angels, and running around in the snow playing with the dogs.

So as crazy as this trip has been, it has been a blast.  Only a few more days before it's back to the warm sunshine.  

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