Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Milked a Cow at the Fair

I wish my sister had gotten a picture of it.  I was holding my quart of sweet tea in one hand (my clean hand) and trying to milk a cow with the other, while standing up.  Needless to say the 26 years building up to this moment made the actual attempt at milking look pretty pathetic in comparison.  I didn't want to yank the cow's udders, I mean who would like that?  So I ended up squirting her own legs and then I finally got the aim down to in the bucket.  But I didn't have as much gusto as the lady that was milking the cow and slapping stickers on the poor city slickers attempting to milk the cow.

If you haven't guessed it yet I went to the fair this week among other things.  The past couple years I have come to absolutely love the livestock portion of the fair and the petting zoo.  You couldn't smack the smile off my face as I petted the angora goats (mohair), angora rabbits (angora), alpaca, sheep, yak, and Scottish highlanders.  All the while I'm dreaming of my farm with all these animals on it that I use their fiber for my many lines of yarn...

As for yarn and projects, I finished my Simple Yet Effective Shawl, that I made into a scarf, out of Sprout in the Embers color way.

I also finished my Twizzle scarf on the loom. I'm going to twist the fringe on it, I think it just makes it look finished.

So since I finished 2 projects I got to start one, Vintage Colors Shawlette, using a ball of Skinny Stripes from my stash along with one ball of Cozette. I'll post a picture of that next week when I have a little more done.

Last Saturday was great, the new yarn jumped off the shelves, thank you everyone!
Here's some solids and some multis that you may have not seen.
From Left to Right:  Electric Slide, Hollyhock,          Midsummer Night and Caramel

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