Thursday, February 28, 2013

New colorway and a finished project

I need to start writing stuff down during the week so I can remember what happened that was quirky.  I  don't recall any zany stories because I am exhausted and the big part of the week hasn't even started...the 15 hr drive to Ohio.  I like it I take some motion sickness medicine and then I'm off to uninterrupted knitting (unless it's a nap). In preparation I got 40 skeins dyed this week, I could have done more if I had another drying rack....I guess that will be part of the set up when we move North.

I also made a new colorway in honor of my sick dog Ty.  He has a kidney that is 3 times what it should be and it isn't looking to good.  He was my first pet, if you don't count the lizards that I hatched that got loose in my room.  I was there when he was born, he was too fat and I had to pull the little booger out of the birth canal.  He is very dear to me and I hope he pulls through.  He has always had a blue collar of one shade or the other so I think I might call the colorway Ripe Tyde.  I'll post a picture next week, its still drying.

I started making my color rings for yarn shops to see, in person, what Sprout looks like. Here's my progress.

Onto projects, I didn't get any farther on that shawlette, I will have to take that with me on my road trip.
As for the little pocket book, I haven't felted it because I'm still puzzling out the pattern.  I did some amazing mind bending techniques but I have to figure out how to write it down so that it's showing people exactly how to do it in words.  I'm still working on my multi directional scarf, that is coming with me as well, its purse knitting for the time being.  I started my tank out of Belisia, there isn't enough progress yet for a picture.

And here is the accomplishment for the week:

I finished Jordan's Henley, or as it's been lovingly referred to as The Henley from Hell.  I started it two years ago, thinking I would have it done for Christmas.  It was a top down, raglan sleeve  and one of my first in-the-round projects, except the first portion was flat knitting.  Either way the pattern I was using, if not read carefully and having prior experience with garments, led me down the path of putting increases where they shouldn't go, resulting in a section that looked like I had made if for a woman not a man.  I didn't catch this until I was halfway done.  So what did I do?  I watched it unravel back into balls and laughed at myself the whole time.  So the project got put away to work on others because I clearly wasn't going to finish this before Christmas.  I pulled it out a few months later and start working on it.  I soon realize that choosing a sport weight yarn was the dumbest thing I could have possibly chosen because it was taking forever!  I should have done it out of worsted and just let him sweat to death.  Either way, I almost had it done for christmas this year, but I didn't.   I did however wrap up what I had done and the yarn that I had left and gave it to Jordan for Christmas.  I finished the actual knitting a few weeks after Christmas, picked out the buttons, and then it just sat.  It sat for a whole month until, staring at me from the coffee table saying, "please, please put my buttons on".  So I did and Jordan better wear that henley while we are in Ohio, where it's snowing, and he better not say "oh you know you should have knit this out of a thicker yarn".  You know I think that counts as two projects....I think I'll start a new one.  I mean I have a road trip coming up right?

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